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A faithful friend is hard to find;remember man and keep in mind...

Just say no to marriage !!!

A smile doesn’t cost anything ...

A bad workman always blames his tools!

I hate life and life hates me !

I welcome death.

Breathless kisses , burning touches,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion!

Don’t be sad ,don’t be blue...Frankenstein was ugly too.

Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you los!

I see angles in the sky , I’ve seen snow falling in July.

A friend in need i t’s a frienf indeed!

Out of my mind;back in five minutes!

Theme words are my own:From my heart : I love you,I love you,and I love you !

We've walked on this earth many times together;perhaps for a moment;perhaps for years but our heart is one heart and we were meant to be.

We've been together before,in other lifetimes,we've fought dragons,and have been torn from each others arms yet our love prevailed...

Breathless kisses ,burning touches ,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion...

A man and a woman,one complete love since time began predestined to be as one!

Be optimistic, all the people you hate are going to eventually die smile.

Love is like google, you have to go trough a lot of spam before you find what you’re looking for.

Same shit….diferent day!!!!It’s all about you ...

I can’t be with you So all I will do is sleep.Please don’t wake me up from this dream for it’s all of you that I can keep..

As I lay in my bed looking at the sky I thought ‘Were the heck did my ceiling go?!?

This is a sad and funny away message. The sad thing is you’re:)

IMing me expecting me to read your message and return. The funny thing:P

Is that I’m at my computer desk laughing the whole thing up right now.

Can loves, attachment is faster. Can it is pleasant, possibly simply optical illusion. Can wants, but is afraid. She calmed herself, every evening. But heart felt it "can". And here thoughts could not reconcile to heart. There has soon passed time, they have left. And now she has understood, that she loved, liked. Wanted. Has already lost. Will try to return. Already leaves nothing.

Also they lived long and happily..... Have not met Yet

Between phrases "we on you" and "we are married" - one thoughtless step.

If in Heart fault, also you do not know, that with you if in Heart blood to you has come fights.... The Heart attack

- You love. You love. You love. You love. You love. You love. You love... - heart, shut up, and?

I trust only to one man, which on a question: "You love me?", will answer: "it is final, the daughter!"

[. One only dried up flower of a rose. Reminds of spent time with that. Whom so loved.]

[. When loving people not together. To both of them it is very bad. But they are afraid to take the first step.]

[. We know about love much. But so we understand a little.]

[. Night. Tishin... The Girl sits at a window. On cheeks tears flow... In a head one thoughts... Thoughts on what at all does not suspect about its existence.]

[. One love... Two destinies.]

... Love. This feeling which forces us to live. For the sake of one person...

And I any more do not search for love, I am afraid of you to lose....

The love is a caress, a bed and a carriage!

If you love - release, if it yours - it returns...

One sovet-take care of itself... One request-not change... One dream-not forget me... One lie th I do not love you... One truth th madly I wish to be with you...

Love?. The first at me was in 15, the second in 16, and the third in 17:30.XDD.

I live for the sake of Mum since she lives for the sake of me..... And to give a life I is ready for Mum, after all it is ready to give it for me!!!!

I not unique, I only one of its actresses that the roles play...

That the woman has believed to a declaration of love of the man, it is necessary to tell simply and silently «I Love. I love you.»

Good-bye The love, hi new I and without you... And it is dishonest, I loved you!!!

Love-it a bowl with the poison, covered with chocolate...

Love, it is good or bad??? During one moment you are simply happy, and during one moment to you is very sick!!! Also try to understand it... Love not clear piece)!

I loved, I suffered, you the moron, and I did not know. I love you, a seal, I love your eyes, but after all you still the child, and to love you it is impossible.

And it... It any especial. Another. In it there is what is not present in one guy. As though in it there is any highlight. Specially for me... =).

You think I far, and I am close. Think I highly, and I am low... In vain I am am searched by you a sight! Turn back, I nearby.......

When you love, even lacks favourite become advantages. And when there is no - that and advantages irritate!

At times we think, that we will still be in time.... Also we are mistaken. Hasten to love...

I was only line from its book about a life.... And it became in my life, the whole book about love...

Love-it when... For it it is a pity nothing to you. Here only it is a pity to lose it...

I remember our meeting. Her eyes have subdued me, such big and pure, brown eyes with long eyelashes. They have forced to fall in love with it, it was its way to my heart.

Dedication to someone your love never guarantees, that these people will love you in the answer! Do not count, that the love will return; simply wait, that it will grow in their hearts but even if it will not occur, be happy with that it grows in your heart.

Only one word I "love" from it... Can turn all my world.

It is not necessary so early to fall in love It is not necessary so early to love Love after all the Love after all is able to LAUGH is able to JOKE!!!!!

Love-it pleasure, Love-it laughter, Love-it happiness. But not for all!

Love-it not then when people look the friend in the friend in the face and then when they look in one direction....

Give we will play in game: you a boomerang, and I a hand. You will do some flying, will do some flying and at last will return.

If you will leave, love not noticing, a sweet chocolate chewing let you will be grown fond by a horse malicious, instead of such sun, as I...

I do not know that it would be desirable whether sunflower seeds....... Whether in marriage.

Love-it the illness putting to bed at once two...

I will love you even in the sky! ***

Love-it when you are ill and it climbs you to kiss and you speak th I am ill, will catch. And it in the answer you think me it stops.

My life-> Options-> the Privacy-> Who can supervise over my heart-> Only you-> to Keep... ♥.

[... We can often tell, that we love, but then we understand, that this person simply is pleasant to us... But we never will tell, that we love, to what really sense sew lives...]

I love... I Love your eyes, I love your smile, I love because you are...

I now wish to forget the only thing of that about all and about everything, and to wait for a meeting with it.

We say, that we will think, foreknowing the answer

We embrace and speak: "I will not release, I will not give" though five minutes ago spoke leave and do not come back.

Start up a blizzard and a blizzard howl in my covered with wounds soul, I in silence of an eye will close and I will think of you.

Love are attractions of mind, a body and heart...

[... You and your smell-drug for me... You my personal grade of heroin... Now only you - my life... You are very necessary to me... Always... Forever... YOURS...].

Love-it that kills us all life!...

Not important what price, it is impossible to leave from love!

I LOVE... Easier to look as you you laugh... I like to name you the kitten.... I like to look simply in your green eyes..... And only to you I can tell I LOVE YOU!!

We delete telephone number, knowing that it for ever remains in memory.

After you have learnt love, you do not live any more, you only exist...

The love is terrible illness, it slowly and painfully painfully burns soul and heart, gradually destroying the person.

I always dreamt to fall in love. Now to me it is very bad and sick... And if it also is love shoot down me!

Silently I purr with happiness...))

Cry out-will hear everyone, whisper-will hear the nearest, and only I will hear about what you be silent.

I am not confident, that I love, but without it I cannot...

When there is no that you love, it is necessary to love that is

I love for... I love because... And easier to love not who cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not wish to hear more the false and hypocritical I "love"... Have my soul silently...

I LOVE... Easier to look as you you laugh... I like to name you the sun.... I like to look simply in your eyes..... And only to you I can tell I LOVE YOU!!

The happiness is. I know it. I know its phone number, habits, colour of his eyes. They beautiful. At it tender hands and it smartly kisses. "

You the most expensive that at me is not present...

I can behind turn I will sit down on hunkers, I will remove heels and I will choke in tears. And now it is necessary to pretend to be simply happy and to pass by you... And then for turn

What for noise in your soul? Make more silently!

He loves it more than all others, but others that in it to make sure are necessary to it.

You say, that I am not able to love. I Am able, still as I am able... Only not you...

My men can be counted on fingers, but you, you are on an average because you can show fuck to all to the rests....

I love...... Probably not for ever but all the same I love it! I love its sight, I love its smile, I love simply that I love you!

I notice those who in online, only when IT leaves a network...

"As it is a pity, that you do not know it. As it is good, that you can guess it. As it is wonderful, that this feeling lives in me"

Why in our world there is nothing "average"? A life or death, friendship or enmity, pleasure or a grief. … and with you. … I have not learnt still you "a little bit" to love. … I am able only completely and irrevocably. … and on - it is impossible for another: the love does not recognise uncertainty and has put half... However, as well as you...

The girl always loves the one who hates it, and hates the one who loves it...

The one who hotly is jealous loves, the one who at a meeting is silent loves, instead of the one who all time kisses and always about love speaks.

The man changes with curiosity to another's wives, and the woman - from absence to it of curiosity of the husband.

Start up a blizzard and a blizzard howl in my covered with wounds soul, I in silence of an eye will close and I will think of you.

I will not notice, if in the sky there will be no stars if the sea dries up.... But I will notice that have ceased to feel the sun if you is not a number!

It is necessary to feed love, instead of to eat it

In truly loving heart the jealousy kills love, or the love kills jealousy.

My grief is too deep, that you noticed it, and the smile - is too superficial to be the truth.

Sometimes I wish to be your heart... Always to be near to you. That you could not live without you...

The most true way to heart of the person is a conversation with it that it appreciates above all.

To tell "I you I love" will occupy some seconds, to show as - all life.

Let not the first, but should be unique!

The favourite person should be such that its absence was imperceptible, and presence necessary...

At times my eyes are jealous you of my heart... Because my eyes can not see you, but you ALWAYS are and will be in my heart...

Very often instead of running from the one who can cause us a pain, we try to appear more close to it …

Love - unique nonsense wise and unique wisdom of a fool.

The more you kiss, the you speak nonsenses less.

Love - the strongest passion as she attacks at once heart, a head and a body! ©

It is said that the lie kills love. But frankness kills her faster.

The love is a holiday, but sometimes already absolutely a holiday and that that does it to us very painfully ((

People love only time, In falls of gentle phrases. We do not see light from a shade, Because we not those. I look in your eyes, On a cheek tear runs, Together to us with you not to be, But you to me not to forget.

Me rush, by me are thrown, me torment, me kill, from a breast my heart pull out, drink my blood, and I all the same love it...

It is occupied... It is occupied... It is occupied... It is occupied... This word for a toilet, instead of for loving heart!

I trust in the one who lives in my heart, whose voice at me in blood, and the name is cut in subconsciousness...

You know: I and could not become that of which you dreamt... But I can become that which you will not receive.

"Is enamoured and favourite" look at the world different eyes.

You will die in me not soon, to be exact - never. You in my soul forever... Means you will always live!

You - my poison, my air. You - my pain, my happiness. I love... Also I hate.

I smile, and heart cries in lonely evenings. I love you. It means - I wish you good.

If I will recollect you, I mean have gone mad.... I mean not the strong...

♥ You have stolen my dream... You the lovely thief!!!

For what you to love, if you do not love me!? What for with you to be, if I know you me you will ruin!!!!!

The LOVE to people begins with LOVE to. But some on the first point also stop …

Mine I "love" the expensive costs... I speak it seldom and to very few people...) proper response I receive on it only from a two, and that girl-friends...!

I have not taken offence... Simply I am am enraged by such relation to me.... I love you, and you play!!

I will forget, I will stop loving, I will leave to another, the main thing not to see you!!

... And nevertheless it is better to be a doll... With plastic heart....

When we love, we lose sight. Often ugly it seems to us - beautiful. Who does not adore lacks of that which he loves, that cannot tell, that it is really enamoured!

What for to me love? - Me and so it is cheerful!

The world became without you empty and ridiculous, As the sky without birds. Where to find to us answers, To simple questions How correctly it is necessary to love?

If you something very much want - release it! If it returns, it was yours if is not present it is not necessary for you!

ღЛювлю sights which you to me throw ღ...

We pull down happiness actually рукою and we try splinters to pick up... But подберая splinters we will be wounded...

I will sustain all: Both tears, and a pain, and that that you have left to another, and that that has again returned to me, I will sustain and I will forgive all to you.

Often we admit love not to people, and the memoirs connected with them, and we suffer, grieving not on a live being, and only on an interval of time when were happy...

It is possible to forgive to the person everything when you understand, that you lose it for ever

Has waited - and you have returned, with heart heart have touched and have left an eternal sign... We together! Yes will be so!

I will stop loving it only when the mute will tell to the deaf person, that blind saw as legless went on water!

The love is the award received without merits... To Love means to see a miracle invisible to others.

I would give a life to it, but it is far and I love it till now

When you fall in love meekly, it would be desirable to be sorry about all those who has been meekly enamoured in you ….

Looking at you, I turn to the child who knows only one word - I want! =)))

Sometimes you fasten relations, and sometimes relations connect you.

The love is the present and the correct condition of the person is unique.

Love this such condition of soul when you can not live without favourite, it is necessary as air as a life … and the instant of separation from it seems eternity …

The love pulls down the most sacred in the person "pride" and "vanity".

The love is an irreflexive not transitive dissymetric relation.

The love is a feeling which releases from all weight and a life pain …

The love is when to you to spit on prejudices and on opinions of other people. You and it (or it) and all.

The love is when the husband rises in 4 o'clock in the morning to calm the crying child and tries not to wake the favourite.

The love is a sense for the sake of what we have come here. The love above all emotion, is elements which can much. To compare love it is possible only with other force - Death. Probably, they sisters!

The love is when give itself and rejoice, when you take.

The love is a mutual understanding.

The love is that will not express any word. So know, if such signs are, you have found the most expensive gold in the life. Look, do not lose it!

The love is a victim for the sake of favourite.

The love is that thread which connects two souls.

Only one word I "love" can turn all world.

The love is the purest most pleasant feeling on the earth, and at the same time difficult and at times very not clear feeling.

The love is a dialogue, joyful for both, but not clear all.

Love - this elements which are comparable only with death. If you love, it is ready to be ready to do anything and only the death can stop you.

The true love suffers silently

In love, as well as in the nature, the first colds are the most sensitive.

In the world there are only two blind: you, because do not see, how is strong to me I because I do not see anybody except you am necessary also

The world the love corrects, and it, as is known, is malicious and blind...

To be favourite is more than to be rich, for to be favourite - means to be happy.

... To wish to lay down with whom that in bed not the most important, can, where it is more important to wake up together in the morning and to prepare each other tea.

The love is the award received without merits... To Love - means to see a miracle invisible to others. This loneliness of a two in the huge world.

Once you will ask me, that for me it is more important: you or a life? And I will answer, that a life. You will take offence and will leave for ever so never and not having learnt, that the life for me is you!!!!

The love is a celebration of imagination over intelligence.

Angela devils an infernal flour, people - love call it a heavenly joy.

The girl always loves the one who hates it, and hates the one who loves it...

To fall in love is how to impose in the trousers, all it see, but nobody feels this heat...

From love to hatred one step... On the left.

The love and life-game so let's play by rules, after all game not by rules leads to defeat and the big losses!!!

As, in effect, it is easy to spoil relations - to tell enough: «I love you»

The love is when I think of you 61 second in a minute.

The love is when I write your name on glass, and nearby I draw a heart.

The love is when I everywhere go with phone, I lay down with it to sleep, not to pass your call.

The love is a condition of a live organism to forget about the bum and to care of the another's.

The love is an insuperable desire to be insuperable the wished

Requirements of soul give rise to friendship, requirements of mind - respect, requirements of a body - desire. All three requirements together give rise to the present love.

If be going to grow fond of somebody, learn to forgive at first.

Cause the most terrible pain to the person the one who has presented to it most of all happiness can only!...

I know, that you burn but it is not terrible to me to play with fire.... Touching to each other we lose the control.......


What for to become attached to someone if we love before the first change and we hate to the first kiss...

I have written your name on a cigarette, have lighted it to smoke and forget you, but... Has understood, that I breathe you...

To love, when you do not like what to answer, all the same, when you do not ask

The love is when its page ВКонтакте open more often, than the

Speak, under knock of enamoured hearts stars fall...

The love helps to kill time, time helps to kill love...

Love - as war... It is easy to begin... It is difficult to finish... It is impossible to forget!

The love is merciful, the love does not envy, the love is not extolled, is not proud, the love does not grumble, does not think of harm, she does not search for the and does not commit excesses

The death costs that to live, and the love costs that to wait.

To die for love not difficult. It is difficult to find love for which it is necessary to die.

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